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Media launch
is like a plane’s takeoff.
It is crucial
to achieve success
from the very first time


About Agency

Media First Ukraine is an agency of media ideas which provides high effectiveness
in brand development and leads to success of brand's managers and owners

  • 1
    by effectiveness among independent media agencies in Ukraine*
  • 22
    by media billing
    in Ukraine**
  • 97%
    happy clients:
    achieved business results
    and professional success***
* according to ranking of media agencies by effectiveness, Effie Awards Ukraine 2017
** according to ranking by media billing, All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition 2017
*** according to Client Review, Media First questionnaire 2017

Fasten your belts!

We will take care of the rest!


  • planning
  • buying
  • placement
  • analytics
  • ROI
  • 360°
  • EQ

Only fresh ideas can lead to truly outstanding results!
That’s why, to improve advertising campaigns’ effectiveness, we suggest ideas
for creative use of communication channels, apply innovative approaches to media,
optimize budget and … many more.

Our strategic approach is to analyze internal and external brand context,
choose the best strategic idea of the project and the ways of its implementation.
Forecast of campaign effectiveness is also the “must have”.

Operating as a part of TWIGA Ukraine, we leverage cooperative opportunities of the group.
We develop and implement 360° ad campaigns:
creative concepts – together with TWIGA’Idea, digital – with Digibrand,
marketing solutions and PR – with TWIGA GO! Also we embody projects
for healthcare brands – together with MedInform.

Media First Ukraine ideas travel without visas.
Being a part of TWIGA, one of the biggest
independent communication groups in Eastern Europe,
we deliver media services not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of the world.

Service is the DNA of every team member.
We are developing individual service package for each client.

Success and recognition of our clients in Ukraine and in the world
are the key indicators of our effectiveness.


Ad campaign implementation
is like a flight.
It is very important not only
successful taking off,
but also smooth landing


We believe in good ideas, and you?

  • Roman Shykhutsky

    Managing Director

  • Natalia Bulbuk

    Strategic Head

  • Igor Sheykin

    Creative Director

  • Dmitry Mosharov

    Media Director

  • Evgeniy Skiba

    Client Service Director

Roman Shykhutsky

Managing Director

«Effective ideas are born when I have a helicopter view of the situation. And this vision is always appearing after all information available is structured. If you don’t have this, your mind is producing only crazy thoughts instead of ideassmiley

I have a strange love to onboard magazines: every magazine has at least one article with outstanding thought. Usually I take them with me and reread from time to time to find something new and important in life. May be these ideas get energy high in the sky!»

Natalia Bulbuk

Strategic Head

«My ideas start from fleeting happiness, from the word “smile”, this is how my daughter calls plane propeller. Just think how true is this: after sleepless nights in searching you finally find a good idea, and the first thing that happens – you begin to smile, and … you are ready to fly smiley»

Igor Sheykin

Creative Director

«My source of ideas’ generation is the last adrenalin moment, just before the deadline. As during the "dead loop" when it is already impossible to turn back, the last moment is everything. So the idea becomes the culmination of all previous creative process smiley »

Dmitry Mosharov

Media Director

«The best way to generate big ideas is to create them with the help of an extensive database of small ideas. And its constant replenishment is up to us. Even the simplest idea is the result of relationships and associations between the already known ideas, either simpler or radically different. Raise the plane in the air is simply, you just need to be the professional pilot smiley »

Evgeniy Skiba

Client Service Director

«Ideas are born when you really 'feel' your customer and his product, when we are both opened for creativity. Then the client needs very little to come to results: to sit in a comfortable chair, and make a long-awaited flight smiley»


Ideas live until someone believes in them


We love to create success stories, and you?


You get results
from the first time
when you are doing this
not the first time

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Welcome to Media First Ukraine!

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Our airport is located
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